Linda A. Towle, LCSW - R, M.Ed
Westchester Psychotherapy

Linda TowleI am a licensed, experienced, and empathic therapist, in a full-time private practice since 1992. I work very well with people who feel isolated, excluded or lonely, even if they have loved ones around them. I am particularly sensitive to individuals who find it hard to ask for help and who may have issues of guilt and/or shame about current or past behaviors. In working with addictive behaviors, I am committed to life-long changes through co-creating daily tools for success. I have extensive experience in working with Adult Children Of Alcoholics.

I am an experienced athlete and am effective in helping people through the emotional aspects involved in recovering from injuries. I played sports in high school and college and I taught physical education at Stern College of Yeshiva University, as I was building my psychotherapy practice. Currently, I embrace many indoor and outdoor physical activities and I have personal experience with both sports successes and injury-related setbacks.

My therapeutic style is interpersonal, experiential, and behavioral. I help clients to enhance their self-understanding and self-esteem by recognizing and healing old and current wounds. Through this work, clients increase their self-acceptance, their ability to live in the present moment, and their capacity to work, love and enjoy life.